Little Galaxy Family Customer Reviews:


Excellent game

I am happy with the game so far, keep the good work


Very fun game, though the trial is a bit short, but cheap so bought the full game!

excellent game!

only using one button which is simple but having so much fun!

Fully functional and okay

Only downside is that it does get boring after a while due to it's repetitive nature.


I thought about a similar thing, happy to see someone made it.

Well done. Good for a quickie ;)


Good time killer


Great pickup game, one handed control, beautiful graphics. Is there a way to transfer progress from the free version to the premium one? I bought it cos i thought u could continue from the last free level. And how to sync progress, just installed on tablet and starting from level 1.1... Again... Argh

Issue Resolved

I had a problem with the game just stopped running upon reaching level 5.2, but it seems the developers have fixed that. Thank you! I hope the higher levels could be less hard, and that they do not use Flurry (or at least let users know they're using it), but overall this is an enjoyable game.

Very addictive game

Great gameplay and graphics. More updates please.

Addictive game, great graphics and fun gameplay.

Love it!


Its more of the same over and over again.

Unbelievably simple and addictive, not much spoils this game - except the irritatingly large type on the screen as you score, obscuring much of my vision when I am trying to assess the positions of the planets. If it turns out that I need to be logging in to Facebook/Twitter in order to progress, then I shall be back here in a very bad mood...

Addicts beware!

Super fun

best game yet buy it

its worth more then a dollar you will love the game play style i hope they keep improving and adding to it it is awesome 5 stars


My 2 year old and I both play Anse vvhj love it. Ruggles the yikop

Love it best game ever


Extra fun

Beautiful graphics, good game play

Love it!

This game is so addicting. Lol. I can't get enough. This is definitely one of my favorite games.

Beatiful, colorful and addictive

Great buy!